Comic Pages – Concept

I had a presentation of a concept (comic/graphic novel) on Tuesday. I'll post only the illustrated pages, because no one is interested in the text-only pages, I suppose.
Both (guy and robot, and the bargainer of course) are talking rubbish in german (filler text), so I won't translate that. I came up with the text on the fly and the beginning is inspired of famous (I think Oo) german filler text about driving on the german autobahn/motorway, called "Autobahnwahn".*g* (one of my favorite filler texts I use in almost every concept *g*)
The other two pictures are characterconcepts and style tests. I haven't found my ideal comicstyle yet. But I'm working on it.
(everything without refs)

Thanks everyone for following my blog! Till next sunday!:D

27.2.11 17:43

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