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Ok, the title says it all: I moved to blogspot! Same name and the same layout. I took the trouble to convert my theme for blogspot (it was harder than I expected, but it was a nice possibility to improve my html/css skills ). I'm really fed up with the spam here on myblog, so goodbye and hopefully see you on blogspot!:D *waves*

7.10.11 22:37


Hey you guys out there!:D Yeah, I'm still alive and currently extremely busy writing/designing my diploma. Thus here is a sign of life from my side...:P For the stats: First and foremost this was for practice (colouring b/w) and took about an hour.

Btw, I moved to a ➤ new dA-account!

(holy shit! It was a lot more work to move all my stuff there than I expected :P)

I would be pretty pleased about your visit!:D
24.7.11 13:19

Automatic Drawing/Painting

It was about time to do some automatic drawings again... I like this technique to relax and sometimes the outcome isn't that bad (regarding creature-design). So, I used one of these drawings to try something new in Photoshop.("Overlay"-Layers to get the highlights)
➤ time: ~1 hour

And some manga-girls...Yesterday I realized that I haven't painted anything in manga-style for.. years..? So this is the base sketch I'll colorize in the next few days.(I'm really out of practice..:P)

20.3.11 14:54

Painting Process Video (kids nowadays)

As promised, my video about my last post is now up on youtube. I'm not sure whether it's too fast now.. I think, next time I'll slow it down a bit and cut in two videos.
Or what do you think?:D

15.3.11 15:26

Kids nowadays...

Something fluffy this time..:P And kids.. aren't they lovely?*g* Ah and by the way, thanks to Xvid I was finally able to record my painting process!:D I'll upload it on youtube in the next few days.

13.3.11 18:27

Typedesign – Chimaira

So, it's time to post my font-family!:D Some of my regular readers may already know this font... I started the regular style in my internship in Slovakia and used it for my website as headline font.(the bold-version to be exact *g*)
This semester I enlarged my font-family and now it consists of a regular, bold, italic and bold-italic. The regular and italic have 254 characters (each of course *g*). The regular/italic-style can be used in almost all european languages – english, german, frensh, italian, spanish, slovakian and so on. For the moment, I haven't decided whether I sell this font or not, yet... we'll see...

First and foremost I concentrated on designing the italic and bold-italic this semester. So had to show my font in action like in a poster or ad... as usual I chose to design a poster and for this purpose I selected the famous poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. It turned out more artistic than I had in mind and the readability is..*cough* but I like it nonetheless! (and it was good enough to get an A for it lol) Ah, almost forgot! I used the lovely icon-set "Evilz" done by n-plus. I'm not sure about his/her real name because my japanese isn't the best.*g*

6.3.11 20:04

Comic Pages – Concept

I had a presentation of a concept (comic/graphic novel) on Tuesday. I'll post only the illustrated pages, because no one is interested in the text-only pages, I suppose.
Both (guy and robot, and the bargainer of course) are talking rubbish in german (filler text), so I won't translate that. I came up with the text on the fly and the beginning is inspired of famous (I think Oo) german filler text about driving on the german autobahn/motorway, called "Autobahnwahn".*g* (one of my favorite filler texts I use in almost every concept *g*)
The other two pictures are characterconcepts and style tests. I haven't found my ideal comicstyle yet. But I'm working on it.
(everything without refs)

Thanks everyone for following my blog! Till next sunday!:D

27.2.11 17:43

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