Welcome to the fish tank!:D

Hey everyone! It's been a while... I've got my own (serious) website now -> www.typesprite.de. I did everything from scratch, starting with my corporate design (logo etc), the illustrations (all jellyfishes/leaves/etc are painted in photoshop) and at the end written in html and css. Regarding the gallery/portfolio, a friend helped me out the realise the usibility I had in mind with javascript. There's a blog-section, too, but I'll keep posting here from time to time.
Ok enough of my website... I just wanted to post this pic before I lose it or something like that.*g*

I had nothing in mind when I drew this... just for fun and to draw things I like. I used a mechanic pencil filled with a coloured pencil-refill (I couldn't find a better translation *g*).

20.10.10 14:22

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