My first try to primarily convey a mood in a picture. It started with a simple idea I had before going to sleep a few days ago.
less than 5min rough sketch:

And this one in colour (almost finished):

At this stage I wasn't satisfied with the composition of the "worms", their brightness and the lightning effect in general. So, a big thank-you muhsaft and Sirius for giving me feedback!:D Here's the final piece:

No references used, ca. 15h in Photoshop 7

18.3.10 16:18


Me and a friend decided spontaneously to take part in button contest hosted by animexx.de (a german anime/manga site). You could choose between their 2 mascots. A blue haired boy (with a red sometimes pink strand of hair Oo) and red haired girl.. as you can see went for the girl. First I tried a japanese kimono like pattern for the background... didn't like so I ended up like this.
(no references)

duration: 3h (I started right after I saw the contest *g*) and newly in Photoshop 7! Three cheers for ebay!:D

14.3.10 10:11

Belated Flipbook Upload

Almost forgot to upload this one. It's my second flipbook I did during my internship in Liège (Belgium). The motion is surely improvable.. And sorry about the quality! High quality would be too big to upload and for me adjusting the quality in flash was a bit confusing.Oo I need to learn more about flash...*g*

11.3.10 13:23

Hello Again

Hey everyone! My vacation is over for nearly a week now. I've decided to go for another internship; this time in Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) and my semester here will start tomorrow. I've been a bit lazy over my holidays... so I don't have a lot to show.
Here's a picture I've been working on for some time now.. and I'm not sure how to finish it.:P I hope it won't stay in this stage forever!*g*

...and a little speedpainting of a random japanese woman in japanese/chinese garden. No ref, ~45min

25.2.10 18:14

Mountains everywhere

A late happy new year to you all. Sadly I had to work over the christmas holidays for the belgium academy (Académie Royale des Beaux Arts Liège) so that I could finish some stuff for my comic project... So, here are some of these sketches and the first two pages I did.

Unfortunately I forgot the airships.*g* And I'm not that satisfied with the contrast (foreground/background). Maybe I'll rework both pages.. (time: ca. 9 hours)

12.1.10 16:31

Caribbean Air

another landscape for my current project... and this time I didn't forget to sign it :P

22.12.09 09:11

Animation final

Last thursday, I had to submit all of my animations done in class.. This is the last of 3 animations I did; the task was to develop an animation involving a real place (my choice). I chose a spigot

In my opinion the camera movement is a bit disturbing.. I forgot to fix the camera beforehand *blush* my prof told me, it's ok
But for my own satisfaction, I did a coloured-flash-version of this one.. and one thing I've ever known since my first confrontation with flash... I truly hate this program!>< too uncomfortable for me to use! The import and export was just..horrible. I hope, i'll find a good animation program soon Oo (other than toonboom or synfig) the next one on the list will be Anime Studio *high hopes* and maybe I'll give ktoon a second try...
Ah, to complete this animation I used the following programs: pencil (simply love it), inkscape (my favorite; for me it's easier to use than illustrator and cheaper :P) and finally Flash (urgs, I'll never use it again) and hopefully I'll find a way to fix the quality Oo

ah almost forgotten.. here's a speedpainting I did for an another project

20.12.09 12:07

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