Self-discovery part two

As promised, here's the rest of my recent studies. (duration: between ten minutes and an hour; you guessed which is the 10min picture?:P)

See you next week!:D

20.2.11 19:59


I'm trying different styles and themes lately and here is the best I managed to do. (or rather the first part of it... I'll post the rest next week and hopefully the latest stuff, I'm working on right now) Ok, here we go:

All Done in Photoshop 7 without references. Mostly to test how fast I could realise an idea. I wanted to complete every picture within one hour... (haha and I just realised that the chick is holding her cigarette holder really uncomfortably.:P who cares...*g*)

13.2.11 18:54

Doodles :D

Ok, it's time for a little update and likely the last one this year. My study is heading to its end and I'm a bit stressed because of exams and such... so that's why I stopped posting regularly, but I really hope to change that next year in spite of my studies. (apart from that blogging is a wonderful way to practise english once in a while *g*) Well, the following sketches are mostly unrelated to my studies, just some doodles I randomly photographed off my sketchbooks...

At last a few, quick sketches all done with photoshop using photorefs! I've got to practise colours and landscapes more.:D

22.12.10 15:34

Welcome to the fish tank!:D

Hey everyone! It's been a while... I've got my own (serious) website now -> www.typesprite.de. I did everything from scratch, starting with my corporate design (logo etc), the illustrations (all jellyfishes/leaves/etc are painted in photoshop) and at the end written in html and css. Regarding the gallery/portfolio, a friend helped me out the realise the usibility I had in mind with javascript. There's a blog-section, too, but I'll keep posting here from time to time.
Ok enough of my website... I just wanted to post this pic before I lose it or something like that.*g*

I had nothing in mind when I drew this... just for fun and to draw things I like. I used a mechanic pencil filled with a coloured pencil-refill (I couldn't find a better translation *g*).

20.10.10 14:22


I'm currently working on an animation with the topic "streetart". In short it's my personal review about different styles and opinion concerning streetart. The red cat like character in the middle is my maincharacter and will detach itself from the wall and will revive the rest of the streetart throughout the video. The music is from "echoed", title "Gestalt". I found this wonderful title on ccmixter. All backgrounds are painted in photoshop (as always *g*) and took ca. 4h up to 15h done in 11 days. This is a personal record for me. The final video will be longer than this (ca. 40 seconds); so this is just a test of effects.

And here the backgrounds separately.

10.5.10 12:11


This one is inspired by one of the sketches I posted last time. It's more like a quick character sketch
time: 4h
no refs

14.4.10 09:25

Factory Farming

It's time for a little update. I felt like doing something different, so I grabbed my acrylics and here's the result:

I like intense colours. I hope no one is getting blind... Ok, and some random sketches I did a while ago:

The impression of her smile was really important to me. Wasn't that easy to capture my idea of her smile and without a reference.

4.4.10 16:01

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